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Reisen, voyager, traveling, viajar, viaggiare, caminhar ...
Globetrotting is in our blood. How else can one explain that we met and fell in love in the Caribbean, cemented our relationship during a journey through Australia, got married in Namibia, spent our honeymoon traveling in a 4x4 through Argentina and Chile and went on board a Russian icebreaker and traveled from Ushuaia to Antarctica.

But all of this was just a prelude compared to our Circumnavigation. Traveling doesn't only educate, it's also a bug that has infected both of us!
Brigitta, 1963
Hobbies: traveling, scuba diving, photography and (lucky Paul) cooking
Responsibilities: mechanic, navigator, photographer and webmaster

Paul, 1945
Hobbies: traveling, scuba diving reading and eating
Responsibilities: driver, author, assistant to the mechanic and cook

16.03.2017: Cross-country ski trail Samedan, Switzerland

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