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If you are at home and work one would never guess that so many travelers are traveling...

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By foot:

By bicycle:

By motorbike:

By car:

By airplain:

Interesting homepages of ex travelers:

Mission Mongolian 2013


Government websites:

Switzerland: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA)

Germany: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

France: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

United Kingdom: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

USA:  U.S. Department of State

USA: Overseas Security Advisory Counsil (OSAC)

USA: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


About health and medical issues before and during the trip:


World Health Organisation

MD Travel Health

Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Car outfitters:

Off Road Böhlen, Switzerland

Tartaruga, Switzerland

Toms Fahrzeugtechnik, Germany

Innovations Camper, Germany

Garage Mösch, Switzerland


4 by 4 specialists:

ARB, Australia

TJM, Australia

Global Expedition Outfitter, Venezuela

4 Wheel Auto Wholesales, Canada

Envotech, Cambodia


Expedition outfitters:

Transa, Switzerland

Atlas Travel World, Switzerland

Hajk, Switzerland

Mammut, Switzerland

Odlo, Switzerland

Kathmandu, New Zealand

Bass Pro, USA

Globetrotter, Germany

Därr, Germany




Robert Ro-Ro Shipping, The Netherlands

Enlace Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia

Evans International Freight Consolidator, Australia

Toll Global Forwarding, Hong Kong, China

Asean Tex, Malaysia

Bullocks, Australia

HUB Argentina SA, Argentina

Globoship, Switzerland

Transworld Cargo, Israel

Links Ltd., Russia


Chalmers, Australia

Kampu Ferry, Japan
Marfret Company Maritime, France

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

Linave, Brazil

Crowley Maritime Operation, USA
Alaska Marine Highway System, Alaska/USA

Seabordmarine, Panama

CSAV, Chile

Wilh. Wilhelmsen

Grimaldi Ferries Prestige, Italy
PIL,  Bangladesh

Group Marill, Africa

Storm Marine, Vladivostok/Russia

DBS Cruise Ferry Ferry, Vladivostok/Russia

The Freight, Bangkok/Thailand


Recommendable travel books and homepages:

Australia trip advisor (German)

Eternal Iran (English)

Campervans worldwide (Geman)

Buschtaxi (German)

Lonely Planet (English)

Footprint (English)

Reise-Know-How (English)

National Geographic (English)

Astrosoft travel portal (German)

Transafrica (German)

Infos Panamericana (German)

Ioverlander (Englisch)


Helpful travel forums:

Sahara and Desert-forum (German)

Horizons unlimited (English)

Motorcycle Action Group (English)

Buschtaxi Forum (German)

WRF Weltreise-Forum (German)

Weltreise-Forum (German)

Panamericana-Forum (English)

Namibia-Forum (German)


GPS Providers and sites from where you can download map for your GPS:

Garmin GPS

Garmin: Updates und Downloads

Tom Tom GPS

GPS City

GPS Travelmaps

OpenStreetMap - the free Wiki World Map

Viajeros Mapas

Tracks 4 Africa

Maps 'n Trails

GPS Mapsearch

Mighty GPS Topographicmaps

Mad Mappers

Travel by GPS

Ozi Explorer

WikiCamps Australia



And a few other interesting links:

My Switzerland (Grand Tour of Switzerland)



Automobil Club of Switzerland

International Gasoline prices

World time

International Weatherforecast

World weather

Translation program

Dictionary English-German (LEO)